A digital certificate protocol built on blockchain technology.

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Blockchain in education – Foreword

H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai

The Fifty-Year Charter

Article Four: A Central Education File for Every Citizen
We aim to develop a centralized education database for every citizen to document all the academic degrees obtained, classes and training taken, and conferences attended. This will help us design customized educational plans for our citizens that suit their personal skills. We aim to build an educational and learning system that explores and develops people’s skills. Our goal for our citizens is to have a life-long learning so they can continue to improve their skills and capacities to adapt to the rapid global changes in the world.

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UAE Blockchain Strategy

“The adoption of this technology will reflect on the quality of life in the UAE and will enhance happiness levels for citizens. 50 percent of government transactions on the federal level will be conducted using Blockchain technology by 2021… This technology will save time, effort and resources and enable individuals to conduct most of their transactions in a timely manner that suits their lifestyle and work.”

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Shahada Ecosystem

Universities and schools

Universities and schools digitally
publish certificates on the blockchain.


Students store and verify their digital records, as well as share them with employers or other entities.


Employers digitally verify the authenticity of the candidates’ certificates.


Ministries play regulatory role on the blockchain transactions, digitally attest the credentials and certify documents issued outside the UAE.

By publishing credentials on the blockchain, they can’t be tampered – It’s a new paradigm of security.

Blockchain will create a growing eco-system with multiple educational institutions.


Blockchain will create a growing eco-system with multiple educational institutions.

Reduce operational and production costs for issuance and verification of certificates.

Monetization of value-added services like issuance and verification.

Monetization of value-added services like issuance and verification.

Why to join Shahada

Open Source

Shahada source code is open source and available for peer review.


The application implements the best security practices in the industry – supporting advanced Key storage, Encryption and Cryptography.


Template Designer & Workflow creator are some of the modules which can be customized by the clients to their specific needs.

Enterprise Grade

The application is designed to be an enterprise solution, following industry best practices for design, security, infrastructure.

Public / Private / Hybrid

The application is designed to support both Private and Public Blockchains along with a Hybrid model.

Open Standards

Shahada builds on the open standards developed by MIT. This provides maximum compatibility across the globe and scalability.


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