About us:

Shahada is a collaboration between Smartworld, the UAE’s leading systems integrator, and Grape Technology, a UAE software technology startup with expertise in blockchain implementations across financial, educational and government sectors.

Shahada is a SaaS blockchain solution which can securely create, maintain, and verify academic credentials via a web platform & mobile application.



To embrace UAE leadership’s vision of becoming the world’s first country powered with Blockchain Technology, and contribute by providing best in class next-gen Blockchain solutions for the public/ private education sector.


To build and deploy a Blockchain powered, enterprise grade, secure, open, flexible and a globally compatible product — Shahada — coupled with a thriving eco-system of multiple universities, students, government and private organizations.


Spearhead the Blockchain revolution in the UAE Education sector with our Blockchain product offering, Shahada. Shahada is designed to be fully compliant with local regulations and data security requirements, making it easy for clients to come onboard.